Megan and Josiah – A Surprise Elopement // Day Session

In countless conversations with brides and grooms about their wedding I’ve heard the same refrain of wishing they would have made their wedding day more about what truly matters to them versus the cute decor ideas found on Pinterest or the customs they did because it was expected.

In my almost 15 years as a photographer I’ve photographed many, many weddings but for the past two years I’ve limited the number of weddings I take to just a few a year. Couples who hire me as their wedding photographer connect to the longing for images that not only tell the story of that one day but tell the story of who they are and what is meaningful to them. As a documentary photographer I look for you and what makes up your story. I look for the hushes and the pauses, the laughter, the moments when you breathe each other in and those secret looks that only the two of you can accurately and fully interpret. I photograph weddings because they are a part of your story, of your life of becoming.

Megan contacted me about photographing their surprise elopement a few months before their vacation with friends out to CA. She and Josiah dreamed of a ceremony by the sea and an evening of celebration surrounded by some of their closest friends and family. They wanted photos that encompassed the whole day and photos that they could one day show their grandchildren while talking about how they met, how they fell in love and the day they surprised their friends by eloping on a cliff next to the sea.  I’m so thankful that Megan and Josiah trusted me with their day. It was beautiful.

The morning of their surprise elopement, Megan and Josiah wrote a single word on each “invitation” as a sort of puzzle that they would present to friends over breakfast. When each card was put together, the message read “Megan and Josiah are getting married today! Will you celebrate with us tonight?” I absolutely love the look of surprise and joy on the faces of each person once they figured out what was being said.







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