Brooke, Jeremy and Everett // Day Session

Brooke sent me a Facebook note saying “my most favorite photo is of my hands, under the running water – because it makes me think of the baths we drew for Ev, every single night of his life since he was 6 weeks old. And every time I waited for the water to be warm, I prayed we would find out how to make him feel better/fix his skin/figure out our dog situation. these baths symbolize our struggle around his allergies and skin issues. It was like a prayer I said every time that water ran. And you took that photo without even knowing it. we adore you. You are a permanent fixture in our family – you are our storyteller for life.” 

This note meant so much. I photograph Day Sessions because I believe in the power of your story; because maybe a part of your story is how you ran your hands under water every night while praying for your son. The images that connect us are the images we hold in our hearts and the stories we tell one another.

Brooke and Jeremy’s journey to have a baby was long. They both have fought hard for their heart’s desire. I’m convinced that baby Ev was made with his parents bravery, many of our prayers and lots and lots of love. It always comes back to love.

I also have to add that Brooke is stunningly effervescent. I love being around her any chance I can get. With Brooke, the world is funnier (a lot funnier), brighter and more alive, everything seems to shimmer. She is also a photographer who takes gorgeous, gorgeous images full of light and loveliness (check her out! Meeting Jeremy and Ev for the first time only confirmed my suspicions that they also must be two very funny, shining human beings full of love.





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