Artist Sessions


Being married to a musician and having many friends that are artists, artist sessions were born from a desire to photograph artists in a way that goes beyond head shots or elaborate editorials. Inspired by the iconic mid-century jazz portraiture of Jim Marshall, Annie Leibovitz’s music journalism and Irving Penn’s minimalist artist portraits my favorite images of artists are the ones that go beyond extremely contrived portraiture based on the vision of the photographer or staged head shots and seem to capture the essence of an artist and their work. Artists understandably have a strong self-awareness when being photographed, and are accustomed to maintaining a certain persona. This can lead to great shots. But I’ve noticed that the most powerful images are more often the ones where artists are in their element, raw & real, and their hyper-focus isn’t dedicated solely to the photographer but to their own life and work. Those moments are more likely to happen in unexpected times and places or through a collaboration and connection to the photographer.

“Music is the space between the notes” – Claude Debussy

Combining the intimacy and depth of portraiture with the meaningful, true-to-life images of documentary photography, I live with you for a full day (or tour segment), capturing the essence of who you are, the way you live and the art you create. I want to capture that moment where you are truly in your element (it’s invariably where you’ll look your best :) )


  Absolutely. If you need an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) I will be happy to sign it.


 I offer three kinds of Artist Sessions.

Full Day Sessions.

I live with you from wake to sleep.

Collections begin at $995

Half Day Sessions. 

For those who might have a difficult time blocking out an entire day I offer “half day” sessions, which are 4 hours long. Of course, by the nature of the time limit I capture fewer images in these sessions, but the goals are the same. I spend these hours with you as you connect with those around you and work on your current project.

Collections begin at $795

Tour Sessions. 

Tour Sessions document your tour from beginning to end, or a designated segment. Tour Sessions are exclusively designed for you and your needs.

Collection Pricing depends on length of tour.

For a detailed FAQ or to book a session please contact me here.


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