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Nakita is a warrior mama. I’ve photographed births in homes, birth centers (like this one) and hospitals and I believe there is nothing more powerful or beautiful than a woman giving birth. Nakita was surrounded by her husband, their daughter (for part of the time), a good friend and a caring midwife.

Thank you Nakita and Joshua for letting me document your story on the day that Isaiah was born.


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One of the best people I know on this planet also happens to be my brother and lucky for me he married the sister I always hoped to have. When you throw in three wonderful kids, life is good. I spent half a day photographing them as they baked (my niece’s favorite activity), played on their farm and just spent a normal afternoon together as a family.

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I’ve photographed Rachel and Slate’s family since Lily was an only child and through university graduations, two houses, several pets, career changes and the addition of two gorgeous boys.  Every year when I return to this family I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitiude to be their story teller. Their lives are not only recorded in memories but albums looked through over and over, albums that will be passed down with stories told about August’s birth in their first home, Lily’s innate ability to nurture anyone around her (especially babies) and the long journey that brought Sol home. And now, there will the added memories of a mom who gave you baths in the sink and made baking cherry pies an afternoon worth everything, a dad who took the time to throw rocks with you in a pond at the garden center and a hammock where the two of you would snuggle into and laugh at one another.

Rachel and Slate, thank you for letting me record your family story.


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When stepping into artists Stella and Seth’s world you are surrounded by plant life, art, bones, wood, light, moons, planets and a puppy named, Fox. It’s a lovely place to spend an afternoon and they are lovely people. Please visit Stella’s painting and photography here: and Seth’s woodwork here: Shot in digital and on film.










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